Thought ..!

Our being,, & our existence .. is all what we believe deep in our minds and hearts ..
A person like beethoven ,, stood against being deaf, and created the greatest music ever .. By his will, his mind,, his inner self strenght ... He heard music nobody else heard before ,, and he -the deaf- made us listen in silence to his work ..

The same here with people who lived happy lives,, and died satisfied .. Thats by discovering the strenght of their will .. To be happy .. To make success in life .. !

Others .. Die ,, without even knowing that they've got a will .. & a strenght to control their lives .

People become what they are by their will,, & by the voice inside that says " i want that & im going to do/have it" ..
... No matter what they faced & met in life ... No matter what hard things come over .. It will pass by in the end !
..So ,, dont blame the fate no matter what ,, because its all about having a faith in you ...

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  1. You are what you internalize to be... but you have to be strong enough to decide what to internalize !!!


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