How could we know ?!

How could we know that we go MAD ??
How could we get sure that we are sane and not crazy ?
..... and we are the ones who live in our minds  ... !


سؤال وجيه يستحق التأمل ! :D

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  1. Your blog is great你的部落格真好!!
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    Thank you!!Wang Han Pin(王翰彬)
    From Taichung,Taiwan(台灣)

  2. thanks for passing by .. i checked your blog and the only word that i can get is "Medicine" because its the only word that's written in English :D :S

    but i liked it anyway :)

  3. سؤال وجيه فعلا .. و ممكن الواحد يكون فاكر نفسه مش مجنون
    بينما فى الحقيقة هو مجنون ؟ ممكن ليه لأ
    Nicee ya Nellyy :)) <3

  4. hhhh .. thanks Roodii =)) <3


همسًا حدِّثُني ..